Reflex  S.p.A. is part of a group of companies, including Società Vetraria Biancadese, producing mirrors since 1958.

Reflex has developed a new generation of ultra thin mirrors for reflective parabolic panels with an estimated durability over 20 years. The mirror is fixed to a SMC support through a patented mechanical system.

Our mirrors are currently used in CSP plants and permit to concentrate the solar energy to the receiver tubes where molten salts flow at 550° C.  These mirrors are made of maximum  1 mm thick glass with a chemical hardening  treatment  giving a better efficiency than the traditional 4 mm thick mirror.


In details the reasons why Reflex has chosen the 1 mm thick mirror with SMC support:

- maximum solar concentration

- higher reflectivity: 95.2%

- higher breaking strength (4700N for winds above 150 km/h)

- higher durability (over 20 years)

- abrasion resistance (as protected by the SMC panel)

- easy to be replaced (in case of breaking the mirror does not separate from the SMC support)


Other features of the panel are given below:

- width 1200 mm

- length (flat) 1600 mm

- thickness 29 mm

- optical efficiency 99.5%

- deviation from parabolic profile <1.5 mrad RMS

- weight reduced to 18.5 kg

- fastening points 6xM8

- mechanical fastening system of the mirror to the SMC backing

- possibility of replacing only the mirror for any maintenance


Optical performance datas made by D.L.R. of Cologne



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